Palazzo dello Scibene

Second half of 12th century

    This palace was probably built during the reigns of William I and II (1154–1189). Some features might possibly date from the time of Roger II (1130–1154), in particular the layout of the central reception room and the oriental-style pleated vaulting, which is also found in other buildings dating from Roger’s reign, such as the castle at Caronia and the royal chamber of the Fawara Palace. A summer retreat, located to the west of Palermo, the Palazzo dello Scibene belonged to the curia of Palermo and was used by Archbishop Walter Ophamil. The cruciform Fountain Room, similar to the one at Zisa, is composed of three semi-vaulted exedras (arcades with seats). A small church with barrel vaulting rises above the rest of the building. Externally, it is decorated with a series of tall blind pointed arches set into the walls.

Vittorio Noto

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Melo Minnella, Palermo