Near Castel Vetrano Trapani

TrinitÓ del Delia

First half of XII century

    This church represents the most complete example from among the still existing centre-plan Byzantine-Norman churches of Sicily. The plan is like a cross inscribed inside a square and has three apses projected towards the outside (the central apse is pre-eminent). In elevation, the schematic elements show a four-sided portico with columns, which uphold the cupola. The passage between the squared plan and the circular one describes a virtual octagon, made with alternating splayed niches and small lancet windows. The symbolism of the Trinity is expressed through the exterior architecture with the compositional rhythm of the volumes and the arches. The pictures show the entrance fašade and the apses, which have similar plastic values to the ones of S. Nicolo’ La Regale.

Vittorio Noto

"La chiesa della TrinitÓ di Delia presso Castelvetrano", Archivio Storico Siciliano, n.s., anno V, fasc. I-II) 1880

Melo Minnella Palermo