Gratteri (near Cefalý)


Probably 1140 – 1142

    Situated in the centre of a suggestive valley which penetrates between the coast of Cefalu’ and the ‘madonita’ (where there are the Madonie mountains) interior of Sicily, this church was part of a Premonstratensian monastery of the reformed Augustinians. It was built to the wish of the Duke Ruggero, the son of Ruggero II. Today, although large parts are in ruins, it still maintains (in proportion) many schematic analogies to parts of the presbytery of the Cefalu’ Cathedral. References to the Premonstratensian – Norman architecture can be identified in the windows (with oculi) and in the decorations of the entrance portal by geometric motifs typical of the Calvados and of the Cotentin, like: the flat arches with little offset cylinders and the carved capitals with pointed diamond-like squares. Probably it had a porch. The apses are reinforced with the usual Roman-Lombard pilasters, widespread in the County architecture, but also found in Normandy.

Vittorio Noto

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Melo Minnella Palermo