The fortifications today

Present use of the fortifications

Some buildings which were transformed in time into residences, like the castle of Carpinone, the castle of Macchiagodena and that of Bonefro) still preserve many characteristics of fortification architecture  (the location at the edge of the town, the floor plan, the thick escarped walls, the narrow openings, etc.). A number of curtain towers and house-towers in the fortified burghs are now being used as dwellings or as storehouses and stables. In order to serve these functions, towers have frequently been transformed to a point where they are no longer recognisable. A number of fortifications (especially the isolated ones) are no longer in use. Some government-owned castles are being used for exhibitions. A small number of private fortifications are being cared for by their owners, who, with great personal dedication (Pescolanciano, Macchia d’Isernia, Carpinone, Macchiagodena), are attempting to preserve buildings that are difficult to adapt to today’s needs.