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Castle of Rocchetta al Volturno

Castle of Rocchetta

The medieval burgh rises on the slopes of the Mainarde range at 722 meters of altitude and has a commanding view of the Rocchetta plain. The ancient nucleus was built all around the rock and preserves its original outline. The ground floor shops were cut into the bedrock, as in Pesche, while the church of Saint Mary flanks the gate of the burgh. The castle, which belonged to the Pandone family and later to the Battiloro family, is perched on a prominent spur of calcareous rock and is clearly visible from a long distance. Its four sides differ from each other and have characteristics that recall military installations found in the nearby province of Frosinone. With time the castle was transformed into a residential building, though traces of ancient walls that recall the original military functions still remain. Inside, despite the collapses, traces of a staircase can still be seen, while little remains of the roof. A single round tower still survives on the north-western side, though it is dilapidated. Of the specifically defensive installations there remain some harquebus loopholes, two of which have a quatrefoil shape, and a slightly projecting murder hole over the entrance.

Castle of Rocchetta