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Castle of Cerro al Volturno    

Castle of
Cerro al Volturno

The first mention of the origin of Cerro is found in the Chronicon Volturnense, when Abbot Godfrey organised a peasant settlement. The castle, built by Camillo Pandone, can be dated back to the end of the 15th century, and has features that resemble those of a medieval castle. The main modifications to the building can be attributed to Francesco Pandone (1443) and his successor Federico. In 1606 it was purchased by the Colonna family and Lucrezia, wife of Filippo Colonna, made perhaps the last modifications until the castle became the property of the Carafa family.
The most noticeable element is the size of the castle with regard to its location, which involved a complex adaptation of the rocky spur on which it stands. It has three circular towers, two of which have a bastion with a pointed spur. Attackers would be seriously hindered by the sheer rocky cliffs that offer no holds or room for manoeuvring. The square corner tower is the oldest and presents an interesting bond, with stone bars laid lengthways and crossways. Past the 17th century bridge, which represents the only entrance from the south, there is a wide courtyard fronted by the entrance to the chapel. The castle, as it appears today, is the result of numerous modifications that, over the centuries, transformed it from a defensive machine (modified for the use of firearms) into a noblemanís residence.

Castle of Cerro
al Volturno