Relations with the Church

Sacred architecture

Termoli Cathedral
Saint Mary della Strada in Matrice
Saint George in Petrella Tifernina

Situated in the old town centre of Petrella Tifernina, the church of St George the Martyr is an apsidal building with three naves divided by composite pillars bearing capitals ornamented with geometric, vegetal and figured patterns. According to an inscription in the lunette on the front portal, which also bears the name of a Master Elpidio, the church was built at the beginning of the 13th century. The richly decorated front and side portals are set off by the beautiful facing made of large well-squared ashlars. The upper part of the fašade presents a row of small arches featuring human and animal protomes, as well as a large window with an arched lintel decorated with vegetal patterns. A wide and highly ornamented portal with tympanum opens in the lower part, with a sculptured lunette depicting the vicissitudes of the prophet Jonas. The style of the relief of these decorations recalls that of the church of St Mary della Strada in Matrice.

Saint Angelo in Grotte